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Natural Beef Distribution Inc specializes in top quality beef products from Uruguay, located  in the pampas of South America.

All cuts are produced from grass-fed Hereford and Angus cattle pastured throughout their life cycles on extensive native grass ranges.

No growth hormones, steroids nor antibiotics are used at any time.

This results in beef products which are naturally lean and, when served, have that special "grass-fed" flavour.

Under "Our Products" you will find links to detailed information on the cuts we offer in the North American market.  Detailed information is available on the "Product Details" page, or can be viewed in this Acrobat PDF file: Selected Cuts.PDF

If there is any way we may serve you please do not hesitate to contact us by any of the means listed on the "Contacts" page.

Daniel Zefferino
Natural Beef Distribution Inc.