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Embassy of Uruguay
Washington D.C.


On the 26th of August, 2004, at the Embassy of the Uruguay in Washington D.C., the Department of Agriculture of the United States of America (USDA), the Department of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery of Uruguay and the National Meat Institute (INAC) of Uruguay, subscribed an Agreement of Services by which Uruguayan meats are authorized to be exported and commercialized for consumption in the U.S. market under the denomination of Certified Natural Meat, with the accreditation of the USDA Process Verified Program.  

This instrument allows Uruguay to export beef products to the US market, indicating in the label of the product and in the boxes the essential attributes of our meats, certified by the USDA:

without hormones
without antibiotics
no animal origin proteins used (BSE free)
from animals fed with grass
with traceability systems in place
adequate treatment of the animals

This important agreement places Uruguay as the only country in the world that has a program with the accreditation of the USDA Process Verified mechanism. Only fourteen U. S. companies hold the same  accreditation.  The listing of all existing programs can be seen in the following website:
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Moreover, this instrument gives Uruguayan meats the chance to further differentiate themselves towards the US consumers among meats imported from other countries and from US meats, all this with the assurance of a US certified process.  

It will also allow Uruguayan meats to get easier access to buyers and store chains that market exclusively organic and natural products.  

This agreement was subscribed by Barry L. Carpenter, Director of the Livestock and Seed Program of USDA/AMS and by Roberto Vázquez Platero, President of the Meat Institute of Uruguay (INAC).  

The act of signature of the agreement was witnessed by the authorities of the USDA, Randall Jones Associate Deputy Administrator Livestock & Seed Program, Jim Riva, Corey Gilbert and Justin Ransom, as well as Hon. Hugo Fernández Faingold, Ambassador of Uruguay to the United States of America,  Guillermo Pigurina, Director of Technical Services - INAC and Minister Counselor Ricardo Nario, Deputy Chief of Mission, of the Embassy of  Uruguay in Washington D.C.  .

Washington, D.C. - August 30, 2004