Our Products:

We supply products which are  produced exclusively from Aberdeen Angus and Hereford steers.

These steers are free-range and grass-fed from weaning to slaughter, and are supplemented with grain in the field during the last 90 days.

This is a less efficient method of production than the usual feed-lots, but it is more than compensated by the improvement in flavour

All these steers are under 30 months of age at slaughter.

We supply restaurants, banquet halls, golf clubs, etc. and will deliver all over Ontario. Portion sizes can be 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz, or bulk. Samples are available: please enquire using out "Contacts" page.

Our products are described on this page: Product Details or can be downloaded with this file: Selected Cuts.PDF

These links below will show the products individually:

Alternatively, the full catalogue may be seen  at this site: INAC or downloaded as an Acrobat PDF file from the same location.