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Uruguay has always been a nation that takes pride in producing and guaranteeing the best possible quality of beef.

One of the many reasons Uruguayan beef is so unique is its cattle and the way that they are grown and processed.   Cattle are grazed on native pastures in the open all year round, without confinement. This is made possible by Uruguay's climate: there is no snow, or extreme weather conditions that limit the development of cattle out in the open.  Cattle are fed only on vegetable protein (natural grasses and grain), with no products or by-products of animal origin. The use of hormones is prohibited by law. The average grazing area per animal is approximately 4 acres.  

All of this helps ensure that Uruguayan beef is lean, therefore producing low levels of "bad" fats and high percentages of "good" fats such as cholesterol-reducing mono- and poly-unsaturated fatty acids.

Uruguay, as red meat exporter, is focused on the international meat markets and currently exports about 250.000 tons (carcass weight) of beef and 16.000 tons (carcass weight) of  mutton to more than 40 countries.

Uruguay has some of the best quality meat in the world.  Natural Beef Distribution Inc. is  able to provide the best cuts of beef.